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My Life Isn't That Exciting...

Oh, hey there!

Looks like you found me. I'm Alex(ander). It's nice to meet you. This is my blog. This is my first blog post. This is my book...

Not pictured, me sweating my ass off after walking to this local church.

And I'm so glad you found us! For those of you just joining me on this adventure, a quick update:

- Left my oppressive and stressful job in May of 2016. Thought to myself, "I'll write a book! It'll be easy!" Spent the next six months slaving away over a keyboard to produce utter nonsensical blabber. Got another day job that's slightly less terrible.

-Signed a contract in October of 2017 for my debut novel, THERE GOES SUNDAY SCHOOL. It was the third book I'd written since 2016, and frankly, the only one worth reading. When I got the offer, I promptly cried in the middle of a Starbucks. Sorry-not-sorry.

-Worked with my amazingly supportive team at 7 Sisters Publishing to get TGSS as close to perfect as we could. I cried when we were finished (starting to see a trend yet?)

-Released TGSS on June 4th, 2018 after what I'd thought was an eternity of waiting.

-Became incredibly wealthy. Just kidding. I still work 40+ hours a week. BUT I ALSO GET TO WRITE BOOKS WHICH IS SO COOL!

Now you're all caught up! Exciting stuff, no? Well, maybe not arrhythmia-inducing, but it's still pretty cool. The feedback I've gotten from TGSS has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm excited for the opportunities that it's given me to speak on a platform that is very dear to my heart.

One common theme that shocked me about this book is how many people thought I was writing a fictionalized version of my own life. Now, let me assure you, THERE GOES SUNDAY SCHOOL is a wildly entertaining, snarky, a little irreverent, tale of a sixteen-year-old boy named Mike learning to love someone and ultimately himself in a community that is alienating and divisive. Now that's covered, let me share a little something about myself.

I'm... insanely boring. Which is really a blessing in disguise I suppose. And while Mike and I may share some similar thought patterns, the roads that lead us to where we both stand today are very different. Plus, let's be honest, my pastor's son was a total dick. There was no unrequited love there.


Thanks for reading my first post! I'll try and keep these interesting, I promise. If you have any questions you'd like answered about myself or TGSS, please ask away!

Until next time,


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